Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Sunday Evening Exploration with Practitioner Sherry Vierra, "Faith Walking", 7 pm, Sunday, January 13

“Spiritual Power is of no particular value to us until we use it. 
We must not only be conscious of this Power, 
we must be actively conscious of It.”        
Ernest Holmes, Living the Science of Mind, p 8

At this Sunday's meeting, we will look to the 23rd Psalm to discover how spiritual power enables us to fearlessly face anything. The conversation begins at 7 pm in Room 11, North Wing. All are welcome.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Sunday Evening Exploration with Practitioner Maggie Cole, "The Thing Itself: Design and Define Your God", with Music by Tom McCurry, 7 pm, North Wing

"You are to realize that the Power within you is a Divine Authority. It is a dispenser of the Divine Gifts. It is a giver of life, of joy. It proclaims the Kingdom of Heaven, the harmony of the soul, and the unity of all being." ~Ernest Holmes 

The Thing Itself, as Ernest Holmes refers to God, the Divine and all the other names that have been bestowed on the Infinite. I came to embrace “The Thing Itself” as it assisted me in laying down the idea that I had grown up with, that God was a man in the sky. Whatever word is used to describe it, it is probably different for each of us.

Tonight we have the opportunity to define our own God, to give It the identity that we want to assign to It. What would you like your God to look like, feel like, be like? In what ways would It serve you? It’s a fascinating exercise, creating our own personal God.

Our beloved Tom McCurry joins us to give his gift of music and the beauty of his presence. The conversation begins at 7 pm in the North Wing. All are welcome.