Topics and Speakers

    Living the Science of Mind
    Jan. 7     The Thing Itself  Maggie Cole, RScP 
    Jan. 14   Conversation Circle: Living the Science of Mind  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Jan. 21   Embracing Your True Spiritual Identity  Sherry Vierra, RScP
    Jan. 28   The Heart of Science of Mind  Rev. Tara Steele 

    Self-Awareness Is not Enough
    Feb. 4    What Are You Waiting For?  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Feb. 11  Diversity in Oneness  Rev. Tara Steele and Friends
    Feb. 18  Desire, Is It Desirable? Elias Owens, RScP
    Feb. 25  Black History Month - Where Do We Go from Here?  Calvin Johnson 

    You Are Rooted in The Divine
    Mar. 4     Sleepwalking  Sherry Vierra, RScP
    Mar. 11   Conversation Circle: Rooted in Divinity  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Mar. 18   Science of Mind Q&A Marielle Taylor, RScP
    Mar. 25   Roots and Shoots 
    Rev. Tara Steele

    Where Humanity and Divinity Meet
    Apr.   1     Easter   We Are One, Really  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Apr.   8     Conversation Circle: Oneness  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Apr. 15     On Earth As It Is in Heaven  Sherry Vierra, RScP
    Apr. 22     Jesus, The Great Way-shower  Rev. Tara Steele
    Apr. 29     Kirtan with Anandaji Yogiji

    May - No Sunday Evening Services

    First and Fifth Sunday Explorations over the Summer
    Jun     3   Rev. Tara - Gathering together in prayer and spiritual practice
    Jul      1   Marielle Taylor, RScP 
    Jul    29   Prayer in Community -  Rev. Tara Steele and friends
    Aug     5   Maggie Cole, RScP

    Spiritual Mind Treatment: The Feeling
    Sep .  2    Treatment and Feelingwalking  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Sep.   9    What about Divine Ideas?  Rev. Tara Steele
    Sep. 16    What Does Time Mean to You? Ministerial Intern Siota Belle
    Sep. 23    For the Love of God  Elias Owens, RScP
    Sep. 30    Prayer in Community  Ministerial Intern Donna Starr

    October through December - Stay Tuned for Details

    Dec.  30    Fifth Sunday - A Ritual of Release and Renewal

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