Topics and Speakers

    Living the Science of Mind
    Jan. 7     The Thing Itself  Maggie Cole, RScP 
    Jan. 14   Conversation Circle: Living the Science of Mind  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Jan. 21   Embracing Your True Spiritual Identity  Sherry Vierra, RScP
    Jan. 28   The Heart of Science of Mind  Rev. Tara Steele 

    Self-Awareness Is not Enough
    Feb. 4    What Are You Waiting For?  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Feb. 11  Diversity in Oneness  Rev. Tara Steele and Friends
    Feb. 18  Desire, Is It Desirable? Elias Owens, RScP
    Feb. 25   Black History Month - Where Do We Go from Here?  Calvin Johnson 

    You Are Rooted in The Divine
    Mar. 4     Make Room for Growth  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Mar. 11   Conversation Circle: Rooted in Divinity  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Mar. 18   Topic to be determined  Marielle Taylor, RScP
    Mar. 25   To be determined 

    Where Humanity and Divinity Meet
    Apr.   1     Easter   We Are One, Really  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Apr.   8     Conversation Circle: Oneness  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Apr. 15     On Earth As It Is in Heaven  Sherry Vierra, RScP
    Apr. 22     Jesus, The Great Way-shower  Rev. Tara Steele
    Apr. 29     Kirtan with Anandaji Yogiji

    Spiritual Laws and How to Use Them
    May   6    Law Always Says "Yes" Maggie Cole, RScP
    May 13    Conversation Circle: Using Spiritual Laws Maggie Cole, RScP
    May 20    Do You Know What You Are Thinking?  Elias Owens, RScP
    May 27    To be determined

    Spiritual Wisdom and How to Follow It
    Jun     3    Our Mystical Intuitive Nature  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Jun.  10   Conversation Circle: Following Spiritual Wisdom  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Jun.  17   What's in Your Spiritual Wallet?  Sherry Vierra, RScP
    Jun.  24   To be determined

    Revealing Wholeness
    Jul      1    The Power of Your Word - And So It Is  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Jul.     8   Conversation Circle: Revealing Wholeness Maggie Cole, RScP
    Jul.   15   Topic to be determined  Marielle Taylor, RScP
    Jul.   22   To be determined
    Jul.   29   An Interfaith Concert  Rev. Tara Steele and the Interfaith Council of Sonoma County

    Spiritual Mind Treatment: The Form
    Aug.   5   One of My Favorite Things, Freedom in Structure  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Aug. 12   Conversation Circle: The Form of Spiritual Mind Treatment  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Aug. 19  I Now Create Highly Effective Affirmations  Elias Owens, RScP
    Aug. 26  Topic to be determined

    Spiritual Mind Treatment, The Feeling
    Sep     2   Feeling Is Highly Encouraged Here  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Sep.    9   Conversation Circle: The Feeling of Spiritual Mind Treatment  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Sep.  16   You've Got to Know Where You're Going If You're Going to Arrive  Sherry Vierra, RScP
    Sep.  23   To be determined
    Sep.  30    Fifth Sunday - Focus to be determined

    Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth
    Oct      7   Where the Source of Substance Is  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Oct.   14   Circle of Affirmations  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Oct.   21   Topic to be determined  Marielle Taylor, RScP
    Oct.   28   To be determined

    Freedom from Fear and Error Thinking
    Nov    4   Lay Your Burden Down Maggie Cole, RScP
    Nov.  11  Conversation Circle: Freedom from Fear and Error Thinking  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Nov.  18  Topic to be determined  Marielle Taylor, RScP
    Nov.  26  To be determined

    Happiness and Fulfillment
    Dec     2   Availability to God  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Dec.    9   Conversation Circle: Our Availability to God  Maggie Cole, RScP
    Dec.  16   The Spirit Triumphant  Elias Owens, RScP
    Dec.  23   My Intention Is Joy   Rev. Tara Steele
    Dec.  30   Fifth Sunday - A Ritual of Release and Renewal

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