Topics and Speakers - 2019

Principle: I learn and embody Science of Mind.
Jan.   6  The Thing Itself  Maggie Cole, RScP 
Jan. 13  Faith Walking  Sherry Vierra, RScP 
Jan. 20  The Heart of the Matter
Megan Rooney, RScP
Jan. 27  Walking the Talk: Putting Principles into Practice  Elias Owens, RScP 

Integrity: I am truthful in facts and motives.
Feb.   3  Am I in Alignment with the Truth?  Maggie Cole, RScP
Feb. 10  Being a Spiritual Dynamo  Sherry Vierra, RScP
Feb. 17  There's No Getting out of This Megan Rooney, RScP
Feb. 24  Steadfast on the Path Elias Owens, RScP

Oneness: I seek the common good.
Mar.   3  What Am I Seeking, Really? Maggie Cole, RScP
Mar. 10  Why Does the Eye not See Itself? Sherry Vierra, RScP
Mar. 17  Life Knows How To Do Life Megan Rooney, RScP
Mar. 24  The Power of Our Collective Creativity Elias Owens, RScP
Mar. 31  The Practice of Prayer, Rev. Tara Steele and Friends

Diversity: I promote diversity and inclusion.
Apr.   7     Where Do I Belong?  Maggie Cole, RScP
Apr. 14     Growing into This Thing Called Me  Sherry Vierra, RScP
Apr. 21     Easter - Panel, There Is No Other, Sunday Evening Team and Krista McAtee
Apr. 28     Unity, Not Uniformity  Elias Owens, RScP

Compassion: I care for the poor.
May   5     Breaking the Habit of Self-Inflicted Wounds Sherry Vierra, RScP
May 12     Being Cared For Maggie Cole, RScP , Tom McCurry, Music
May 19     Got Compassion?  Krista McAtee
May 26     The Least of These, Jesus' Teachings on Compassion Elias Owens, RScP

Empowerment: I protect the vulnerable.

Jun.   2   Vulnerability, You Decide  Maggie Cole, RScP
Jun.   9   Divine Alchemy  Sherry Vierra, RScP
Jun. 16   [Annual picnic]  A Deeper Listening  Diane Tapogna RScP  
Jun. 23   Living with an Open Mind  Elias Owens, RScP 
Jun. 30   United in Prayer: World Peace Meditation, Rev. Tara Steele and friends

Creativity: I advocate for freedom of thought.
Jul. 7      Free at Last  Maggie Cole, RScP Tom McCurry, Music
Jul. 14    Stories, Do We Get over Them or Move beyond Them? Sherry Vierra, RScP
Jul. 21    Live Closest to the River in Which Your Life Flows  Megan Rooney, RScP  

Jul. 28    What Are You Thinking -- Now?  Elias Owens, RScP

Gratitude: I celebrate and respect other nations and peoples.
Aug. 4     The Alchemy of Gratitude  Maggie Cole, RScP  Tom McCurry, Music
Aug. 11    Gratitude, the Substance of Joy  Sherry Vierra, RScP
Aug. 18    Honoring the Face of God in Everyone, No Exceptions  Megan Rooney, RScP 
Aug. 25    Praising, Blessing and Giving Thanks  Elias Owens, RScP

Stewardship: I love our planet. 

Sep. 1      The Soul's Capacity to Give  Maggie Cole, RScP
Sep. 8      Getting Unstuck  Sherry Vierra, RScP
Sep. 15    Releasing Fear  Krista McAtee
Sep. 22    Spirit in Nature  Elias Owens, RScP

Sep. 29    Fifth Sunday, to be determined

Unity: I cherish the human family.

Oct. 6      Who Are My Family?  Maggie Cole, RScP
Oct. 13    Healing Our Sense of Separation  Sherry Vierra, RScP
Oct. 20    There Is No Place Where God Is Absent -- Even in You  Megan Rooney, RScP
Oct. 27    Letting Love Rule  Elias Owens, RScP

Leadership: I stand for spiritually motivated leadership.

Nov. 3      What Is Guiding Me?  Maggie Cole, RScP  Tom McCurry, Music
Nov. 10    Unmasking   Sherry Vierra, RScP
Nov. 17    Leading from the Heart  Krista McAtee
Nov. 24    Walking through Life like Jesus  Elias Owens, RScP

Celebration: I celebrate the holy days.
Dec. 1      Everything Is Holy NOW  Maggie Cole, RScP  Tom McCurry, Music
Dec. 8      Seven Principles Worth Celebrating  Sherry Vierra, RScP
Dec. 15    The Power That Made the Body Heals the Body  Rev. Josephine Smith
Dec. 22    Finding Your Own Meaning to "Holiday" Elias Owens, RScP
Dec. 29    Fifth Sunday, to be determined

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