Monday, June 27, 2016

Sunday Evening Services in July - Loving Kindness and Forgiveness

Every Sunday evening this year (except October 2), people gather to share spiritual practice, explore ideas, connect in spiritual community where we are seen and heard.

July's theme within the Global Vision is Loving Kindness and Forgiveness.   There will be opportunities to look into our own concept of forgiveness and its role in our life.  And there will be times to learn and practice the gift of forgiveness.

And on the Fifth Sunday, Randal Collen, Tom Yanes and Brett Palm come together to share insights into the creativity of jazz and delight us with their music.

Here are our topics and speakers, at 7 PM, in Room 10, on Sunday evenings:

July 3     Maggie Cole, RScP             "Who's Forgiving Who?"
July 10   Tynya Beverly, RScP          "Your Biggest Victim: YOU"
July 17    Siota Belle, RScP               "Forgiveness Hawaiian Style"
July 24   Rev. Tara Steele                   "The Power of Compassion and Loving Kindness"
July 31   Randal Collen and friends   "Celebrating Life and All That Jazz**
                                                           ** In the sanctuary **

Who's Forgiving Who? Sunday, July 2, 7 PM

“What untold grief of heart might be relieved by words of cheer and forgiveness.” Ernest Holmes 

Is God waiting for you to ask for forgiveness? Are you waiting for God to forgive you? Forgiveness shows up in this life’s journey. It is inevitable that we address it in some way, shape or form. 

Join Practitioner Maggie Cole as she explores the role of forgiveness in our lives.  Forgiveness has many meanings. What is your meaning for it? Is forgiveness required for you? 

Maggie often thinks about the practices that she has been taught in this philosophy; prayer, meditation and forgiveness are just a few.  She has found that it is important, if not necessary to find what works for her in terms of spiritual practice. 

Join Maggie Cole at the evening service on Sunday, July 2 at 7 PM.  Tom McCurry blesses the service with his music, his beautiful voice and the opportunity of connection that is always present when Maggie and Tom work together.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

How Do I Know What's True? Sunday, June 26, 7 PM

One of the challenges and opportunities of spiritual practice is to listen to that still quiet voice within.

How do we know what we're listening for? How do we know if it is Inner Wisdom or ego?  Ernest Holmes, the founder of the Science of Mind teaching and one of his teachers, Thomas Troward, offer guidance on the practice of listening within.

Join Rev. Tara Steele as she explores this topic at this Sunday evening service, June 26, at 7 pm in Room 10.   We come together in a circle of spiritual practice, learning and sharing from our experiences.  All are welcome.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Power of Prayer Sunday, June 19, 7:00 pm

In the midst of life, in every moment, prayer brings a centering, a peace, a power that heals. Sometimes, all that we need is a reminder of who we are, other times, a deep connection with the Presence that guides, guards and loves us unconditionally.

Sunday evening, June 19, Practitioner Marielle Taylor welcomes us into that field of Unconditional Love.  She will share some of her teacher's thoughts on prayer and its life-changing power.  Marielle will be joined by other practitioners in offering all attending the opportunity to sit in prayer, knowing the peace, presence and power it is.  The service begins at 7 pm in Room 10. All are welcome.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Free at Last" Sunday June 5, ,7 pm

"Freedom is the birthright of every living soul."  In his writings, Ernest Holmes affirmed again and again our freedom to choose, moment to moment.  What, if anything, stands in the way of your claiming your birthright of freedom?  Are you consciously choosing thoughts that are constructive and affirming?  Or are you caught up in labyrinths of worry, fret and judgment?

Join Practitioner Maggie Cole as she explores this topic at the Sunday evening service, 7 pm in Room 10.  She is joined by Calvin Johnson, blessing the service with his beautiful voice and music.  Sunday evenings are a chance to connect with others who are interested in learning and growing in spiritual community.