Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Sunday Evening Exploration with Megan Rooney, RScP, "Our Humanity Is a Compass to Our Divinity"

Here's what Practitioner Megan Rooney has to say about her Sunday evening discussion:

Our human experiences of lack, loneliness, struggle or pain can be rich opportunities to notice how we are navigating through life. We may have gotten off course and are being invited to return to the True North, the Truth of our Divine nature. Joy, abundance, wisdom, and freedom are omnipresent. Love is the language and action of the Universe, and there can be no separation between us and All that IS. Sometimes, our human experience is a call to recalculate.

Join Megan as she facilitates a conversation about the True North of who we are. All are welcome to this Sunday evening gathering that begins at 7 pm in Room 11, North Wing.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Sunday Evening Exploration with Elias Owens, RScP, "How does God love you? Let's count the ways." 7 pm, Sunday, October 21

Let’s join Practitioner Elias Owens in conversation about the ways Spirit has expressed, shown and made known Its love for us. Share in Spiritual community stories of intuition, synchronicity, guidance, blessings and Divine grace. 

Come share your questions and experience and hear what others have to say. Everyone is welcome to this evening gathering that begins at 7 pm in Room 11. 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Sunday Evening Exploration with Sherry Vierra, RScP, "Are You Awake?" 7 pm, Sunday, October 14

We have been unconscious creators, so let's not condemn ourselves, but when we realize that by perfectly understanding the law - and working with it - we shall be able to bring into our lives just what we wish. 
Ernest Holmes, "It's up to You!" p 45

Tonight, at the Sunday Evening Exploration, Practitioner Sherry Vierra facilitates a discussion of how to wake up and trust the Law, that Divine Yes available to us in each and every moment. The gathering begins at 7 pm in Room 11, North Wing. All are welcome.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Sunday Evening Exploration with Maggie Cole, RScP, "Circle of Affirmations," 7 pm, Sunday, October 7, Room 11

“Statements do not become true because you affirm them. 
You affirm them because they are true.”
Eric Butterworth

Get into your conscious awareness that you live in substance as a fish lives in water. The important thing is to hold to the consciousness that you are created in substance and ceaselessly supported by substance. Turn from the appearance of lack to the reality of affluence as you declare for yourself: "I establish myself in the limitless substance of God and I have abundance."

In our time together we will practice creating affirmations and declarations of abundance and prosperity for ourselves. This evening conversation is an opportunity to shift our thoughts, patterns and beliefs about where our source really is. Tom McCurry joins us again bringing his unique and lovely musical talent.

All are welcome to this gathering that begins at 7 pm in Room 11, North Wing.