Monday, December 28, 2015

Sunday Evenings in 2016

The Sunday Evening Service ("SES" for those in the know...) team is excited to explore the Global Vision, a commitment to a world that works for everyone.  Curious what the Global Vision is? Here are the highlights:

Is this a dream? Is this possible?  Do I really believe in it?  What is my part? What is Spirit's part? Plan to join Practitioner Maggie Cole in asking these questions to see what is alive in us,  What are we inspired to do and to be to make this vision real?  

Tom McCurry brings his joy in song, Maggie brings her light-hearted presence and wisdom.  It all beings this Sunday at 7 pm, Room 10 of the North Wing at the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa.  Be there or be ...... 

Rev. Tara Steele