Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sunday Evening Exploration with Practitioner Maggie Cole, "Am I in Alignment with the Truth?", Sunday, February 3, 7 pm

"There is no ritual you must perform to become spiritual.  There is no prescribed way you must behave to be spiritual.  You are spiritual.  You are a being of Spirit.  It is your essence, your greatest reality."  ~ John-Roger

I really love this question and am curious as to your response to it as well. Do I need to be aware of my alignment with the truth or is it an act of faith to remind myself that no matter how many times I stray into separation, i am always One with the Infinite. 

What are your beliefs in terms of alignment with the Truth. I am looking forward to having this conversation with all of you. Let us take this time to listen and learn from ourselves and each other.

Tom McCurry joins us in song, music and conversation. The conversation begins at 7 pm in Room 11, North Wing. All are welcome.

February 2019 Theme – Spirituality in Action - Integrity: I Am Truthful in Facts and Motives

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