Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sunday evening Songfest - Are you coming?

Folks are talking -- this Sunday evening's service will be extraordinary! 

Four songwriters, Claire Victor with Mike PerkinsWayne HaughtJon Gonzales, and Cricket Karen will sing and talk and laugh with us, celebrating this amazing life. We start at 7 pm at the Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa. We'd love to know if you're coming. RSVP at the event FB page,

RSVP for Songfest - Click here

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How do we create a world that works for everyone?

I've been reading this month's book A World that Works for All by Sharif Abdullah.  It's powerful, inspiring and challenging. The author begins by pointing out all the ways the world isn't working for all.  That view can lead to a place of despair, of feeling that "I can't possibly make a difference."

Thank goodness, Abdullah doesn't leave us in the bad news.  He believes the key to a world that works for everyone is the practice of inclusivity, "the inextricable linkage between our individual lives and 'The Other'".   Inclusivity is Oneness, a core principle of Science of Mind.  This Sunday evening, January 24th, we'll won't spend a lot of time talking about the principle, we'll focus on ways to practice inclusivity in our lives.  I look forward to sharing in the conversation.

PS:  The book is available in Stepping Stones bookstore if you want to read up before 7 on Sunday evening.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Spiritual practice in the midst of daily life

Few of us can be spiritual seekers living away from the world. Instead we are challenged to find strategies in the midst of work, family, friends, all of it.  What to do about that yearning to know and connect with something larger than ourselves? What works?

Prayer and meditation are pretty common spiritual practices.  Ever wonder what other spiritual practices people use and enjoy?  This Sunday, Maggie Cole, Tara Steele and Sherry Vierra each share one of their favorites, with time for Q&A, and perhaps sharing a practice of your own.  7 pm in Room 10 of the North Wing, Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January Sunday evening services

Maggie Cole, Marielle Taylor, Sherry Vierra and I, the Sunday Evening Services team, are bubbling over with excitement about this year's theme "The Global Vision".  Those of you who attended Maggie's service on the first Sunday know what I mean.

Here's what's coming on Sunday evenings in January at 7 pm, in Room 10 of the North Wing:

January 10:  A facilitated discussion regarding the statement, "We envision a world that works for everyone and for all creation."  Maggie Cole will lead a conversation about what this means to us as individuals and where we are in relationship to it.

January 17:  Show & Tell: User-Friendly Spiritual Tools.  What does it take to bring spirituality into our everyday life?  Members of the Sunday Evening Services team will share a favorite spiritual practices.  Come to listen, to share, to ask questions.

January 24:  Inclusivity - Spirit and Practice.   In Chapter 3 of our book of the month, "Creating a World that Works for All," the author draws upon "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" in describing what courageous, compassionate inclusivity is.  Join Rev. Tara in exploring this powerful view of Oneness, so important to a world that works for everyone.

January 31: Celebrating Life - Spiritual Songwriters Sing.  Come listen to Spirit expressing in song and hear something about the creative process of songwriting.  Singer songwriters Cricket, John Gonzales, Wayne Haught and Claire Victor bring their inspiration and joy to us on this fifth Sunday evening.