Thursday, March 30, 2017

"I Am What Thou Art!", Practitioner Maggie Cole, Sunday, April 2, 7 pm

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“We do deep inner personal work of self-discovery and healing to reveal the greater truth of our divinity, wholeness and freedom”

"I am what thou art and thou art what I am." What a powerful statement of truth. Maggie's mother used to say, “If you want to get anything done, go to the top”.  She got Maggie a job doing this very thing. 

When we want to step into the truth of who we are, where are we to go? Why not go to the top, the Source, the Infinite, the Divine to realize that this, indeed, is who and what we are. We are made in the image and likeness of God, all that is attributed to Spirit is ours. Transformation and evolution take place when we align ourselves with the truth. Let’s do it, NOW!

The service begins at 7 pm, in Room 10.  All are welcome.

Music: Our beloved Tom McCurry joins us to provide his beautiful voice and music to lift up up, open our hearts and feed our souls.

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