Monday, January 23, 2017

Our Aspirations for the Community of Sunday Evening Service at the Center for Spiritual Living

Our conversation during the Sunday evening service on January 22 focused on what it means to be a spiritual community or sangha.  There were powerful shares about Saturday's Women's March, a moving example of community coming together in Love.

Those attending wrote out what they desire in a spiritual community.  Here are some of their beautiful statements:

  • A place to feel known and welcome.  A safe and friendly place to open up and share my heart and hurt.
  • Trust, acceptance.
  • Being in community with generally like-minded, open-minded people.  A safe place to share from the heart, knowing I  won't be judged or made wrong.  A place to learn from the facilitator and each other.
  • Peaceful communication.
  • A clear focus, theme.  Community sharing.  Connection, person to person.  Fun and interesting topics.
  • A place to share spiritual wisdom and our individual journeys on our spiritual path.
  • Fellowship, getting to know like-minded people around me.
  • Inspire me by sharing your details of spiritual journey.  Where are you today?
  • Acknowledging and hearing each other's presence.

Do any of these statements speak to you?  What draws you to spiritual community? Join in by commenting online.  And join in the conversation in person on Sunday evenings at 7 pm in the North Wing.

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