Monday, August 1, 2016

August Sunday Evening Services at the Center

Photograph by Keith Eggel

"We see a world where there is a renewed emphasis on beauty, nature, creativity, art and aesthetics."

August is upon us, our evening services will focus on this month's theme of beauty, creativity and nature.  While Rev. Tara is away in Yosemite, Practitionr Maggie Cole is front and center with a delightful selection of programs, listed below:

     August 7 - "My contribution to a world that works for everyone is ... "
                     Tom McCurry brings his music and song.

     August 14 - "Being agents of transformation to a world that works for                                  everyone"

     August 21 - "Divine Play at Work:  It's not what you do, it's Who you know".                        Maggie is joined by Practitioner Sherry Vierra

     August 28 - "Do you know how beautiful you are?  Rev. Dr. Michael Gott
                       joins Maggie to explore this topic.

Services begin at 7 pm in Room 10, North Wing.

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