Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Care for Creation" - an Earth Day conversation April 24

Used with permission of the Franciscan Action Network

This is Earth Day weekend, a time when many of us stop to consider and appreciate our home, that exquisite blue dot in the universe.  For some, Mother Earth, Gaia, Creation, is alive in their daily spiritual practice.  Sunday, morning Rev. Kim Kaiser speaks to the Gaia hypothesis, What's that?  It essential says that all that is, on and in the earth, is interconnected, working together to support life on the planet.  Yes, we are one.

Sunday evening, April 24, we continue the conversation with guest speaker Kathleen Robbiano, a minister in the Secular Franciscan Order in Sonoma County.  She will share with us a bit of the Franciscan "Care for Creation" spirituality.  The tradition birthed with St. Francis reflects a joy , hope and delight in simple beauty and a kinship with the earth.

I look forward to facilitating the conversation and adding a bit of Ernest Holmes's love of nature as well.  7 pm in Room 10 at the Center for Spiritual Living.

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