Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What Is Prayer & How Does It Work?

One of many exquisite paintings at Center for Spiritual Living headquarters in Golden, CO

In Science of Mind, we practice an affirmative form of prayer. Rather than asking or beseeching the Divine for something, we recognize that all that we need is already in Mind.  "Prayer is not to ask God to be God.  There is a Supreme Intelligence in the Universe, we cannot tell It anything. ... Therefore, prayer or meditation is for the purpose of becoming receptive to the Divine Influx, which already owns everything, knows everything, governs all things, and creates what we need -- if we but permit it to." [The Science of Mind, p. 565-66]

This Sunday evening, March 20th, Practitioners Maggie Cole, Jerry Huffaker and Marielle Taylor welcome your questions.  All are skilled prayer practitioners, and they are clear there are no dumb questions.

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