Sunday, February 7, 2016

What's Happening on Sunday Evening?

Are there ideas in Science of Mind that boggle your mind?  Do you want to talk about how others bring spirituality into their lives?  Would you like to spend a rich hour or so in the company of others who are exploring their spiritual path?  If any of those are a "yes" or perhaps just a "maybe", you might want to come to a Sunday evening service at the Center.

We sit in prayer together, we connect and learn, we enjoy our time together.  If you've been coming for a while, you may notice there's a theme to each Sunday:
  • First Sunday, Maggie shares what is alive in her
  • Second Sunday, a community conversation about the month's topic
  • Third Sunday "Show & Tell", practical tips on how to do a spiritual practice
  • Fourth Sunday, join in a teaching conversation with Rev. Tara,
  • Fifth Sunday, celebration of this amazing life, in music, movement, joy
You'll find the 2016 list of speakers and topics under the "Services Information" tab of this blog.

By the way, we strive to keep our services jargon free -- if we use a term that sounds like jargon, ask the question.  You're likely not the only one who's wondering what the heck we're talking about.

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