Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How do we create a world that works for everyone?

I've been reading this month's book A World that Works for All by Sharif Abdullah.  It's powerful, inspiring and challenging. The author begins by pointing out all the ways the world isn't working for all.  That view can lead to a place of despair, of feeling that "I can't possibly make a difference."

Thank goodness, Abdullah doesn't leave us in the bad news.  He believes the key to a world that works for everyone is the practice of inclusivity, "the inextricable linkage between our individual lives and 'The Other'".   Inclusivity is Oneness, a core principle of Science of Mind.  This Sunday evening, January 24th, we'll won't spend a lot of time talking about the principle, we'll focus on ways to practice inclusivity in our lives.  I look forward to sharing in the conversation.

PS:  The book is available in Stepping Stones bookstore if you want to read up before 7 on Sunday evening.

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